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We Create

Web application, mobile application, EC site, corporate web, offering speedy development at freelance price

We will comprehensively build with approaches that best meet the client’s needs. I would like to not only build it as specified, but also to develop as a partner. We are implementing speedy startup prototyping with standard setup at so-called startup.

Development environment
Amazon Web Service,Amazon Linux,Ruby on Rails,Bitbucket, MySQL,Trello,Slack

We Design

Not only do what is told, UI / UX design for users. From the kick-off workshop to the delivery, realize more contents than reported from the client

We do not just develop the transferred specification as it is, I am practicing the design design support of the whole service regardless of the design and idea that can realize the original purpose. Sometimes there is no need for design or development to verify the idea, we will support from the service design verification phase whether the service will be established first without doing useless detail design.

We Marketing

Deliver adequate needs for advertising operations, market research, and market to clients

Promotion using AdWords operation, Facebook, Instagram, micro influencer etc. In addition, we are also practicing guidance on hands-on in the North American market research, marketing by North America base GO RIDE REPUBLIC, INC.

We Improve

It is not the end of building, delivering, operation from there all keys

As we are said to be the beginning of development after delivery, we will help you as a partner to develop and develop in parallel with the client’s medium- and long-term goals. Operation that leads to results with the word “real development since release” will support customer’s business on the premise of continued development.

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