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FB advertising operation, targeting
SEO measures, content SEO

Search high-ranking and customer acquisition
We propose measures to match the purpose, such as increasing the number of PVs.

Digital marketing that surely leads to achievement with omnidirectional strategy

Developing and strengthening core brand value by creating an integrated digital marketing multi-channel communication strategy (Google AdWords, Paid SNS Ads, SNS Operation, Content marketing, E-mail magazines, SEO).

GO RIDE Digital marketing team is focused on generating high-quality leads and providing a consistent sales growth. It comes together with increasing the number of followers, growing engagement and improving web conversion.

FB/IG ads and operation

Want to increase customer attention and get more followers? We will help you to target your audience in the most cost-effective way. Using high-quality photo and video content, we will create a native -looking multi-platform advertising and bring you engaged followers, easy to be converted to the customers.


We will organically Increase your traffic & rankings of your website using our proved seo-tools. GO RIDE digital team will take care of Effective keyword selection and optimization, HTML tuning, enriching website content according to the confirmed keywords.

Advertisement on our website

We will publish article advertisements to our web media “GO RIDE NEWS”.

Content marketing

We will propose marketing measures to accumulate and strengthen valuable content to attract prospective customers and guide them to conversions and sales.Content marketing is the best instrument for the majority of b2b products and services.

Email marketing

Convert your mailing list into your loyal customers. GO RIDE digital team wil lcreate an effective email marketing strategy to achieve your sales goals. We have it all covered: stunning email magazines, audience segmentation, opening rate and click rate improvement, mailing list growth, website integration.

Google Adwords

We will increase cost-effectiveness and make an accurate appeal to the target according to the customer’s business model.

Digital marketing starter package

$1,000 / month

FB advertisement tuning necessary for attracting customers,Google Ads, create site banner

Initial setup $1,000

You can use Designer / Marketer ‘s running time up to 16 hours / month, combining from the menu below as you like.

Google ad
Facebook Ad
Google My Business
Mail magazine operation

– Customer time usage example (1 month) –

Site banner production, exchange 2 hours

Mail magazine production, distribution 6 hours

FB advertisement operation 4 hours

Google advertising operation 4 hours

Achievements of own service

keyword Search rank
Waiting for service area First place
Easy jeans First place
Surfboard charge First place
Istanbul Airport Lounge First place
Surf trip belongings Second place
Carpool Fuji Rock 5th place

As of 2017/8


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