Influencer Marketing
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Influencer Marketing

Mandy Kelley


Boost your business sales by working with powerful influencers

We will work on developing an influencer strategy based on your needs, budget and expectations. We will shape it depending on scale; we can work from local to national influencers to engage your audiences both domestically and internationally.

GORIDE has a network of influencers available. Depending on your brand, we will find and identify the right match for you.

Want to increase your web visibility?

It all starts here


Our team of marketing experts is dedicated to your success.

Project Audit

The first step of our work is to understand your brand, your expectations, and how you want your budget to be spent. From this moment onwards, we will collaborate together to deliver you the best influencers for your brand to leverage your audience.

Influencers & Strategy Match

We will design the optimal strategy tailored to your needs, and connect you with influencers that match your brand's core message.

Content Creation

Working with influencers, we will produce the right content to empower your audience and get maximum results based on your defined objectives. We are offering full production of creatives and asset needed by the influencers.


Campaign progress is tracked and delivered to you on a weekly basis. Reports are tailored based on your objectives and given KPIs.


Ready to improve your visibility and work with key influencers? Discover our main influence packages tailored to your needs.
For any additional requirements please contact us for a free quote.

  • Strategy definition

  • $$800/mo
  • Helping ambitious companies
    developing their online presence.

    • Project audit
    • Strategy definition
    • Influencers Match

  • Monthly growth

  • $0/mo
  • Strategy development and overtime improvements

    • Content localization
    • Media creation
    • Improvements
    • Monthly report

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