Build and manage your ecommerce store with Shopify
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Build and manage
your ecommerce store with


GO RIDE is authorized as a Shopify expert.
We will fully support you to build and manage your ecommerce store with Shopify,
which is an ecommerce platform used worldwide.
GO RIDE’s professional team will offer a one-stop service
to start your new business journey.


Shopify offers supreme features and sophisticated designs.
It’s an advanced platform that will smartly help you run a cross border ecommerce store.


Shopify is the No.1 fastest growing E-commerce platform service by Canadian start-up, now being used by over 500,000 people in 175 countries worldwide. Various Apps can be easily installed on Shopify, and a high-performance E-commerce website can operate with a monthly cost as low as $ 29. It is easy to make it multilingual; it corresponds to currencies of more than 130 countries. PayPal, stripe, etc. It is the best platform for a cross-border E-commerce website.

An eCom store needs to be customer-centered and continue to grow.

Reflected latest trends in retail and eCommerce, new features keep coming to Shopify.
That’s why, with Shopify, your eCom store can be always up to date. Who wants to buy stuff from an outdated online store?


We can create a Shopify website which focuses on your target audience and better UX with both Shopify templates and customized original theme. We can flexibly adjust our work hours so that it fits your budget and bring the best result possible. We can also help you move from another E-commerce platform such as Magento, Woocommerce, BigCommerce, and others to Shopify by using our know-how.​ ​​ ​​ ​​


We will keep supporting you after E-commerce launch as we are committed to your success. We can engage from strategic planning to Ads management so that you can get the business up and running in time.​ ​

High-Quality E-commerce at low cost

We will engage in from a very early stage in creating a Shopify store
including strategy, design, development, and operation.

Store Basic Setup support

What's necessary for Shopify store launch Store Basic Setup Support

E-commerce website operation

Product Registration · Campaigns Banner Management


Optimal for each browsers

Social Media Operation

SNS operations such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest.

Photography / Movie shooting

Product photo/movie shooting Promotional animation production


Multilingualization ·Website translation

Shopify space in Downtown LA


Although Shopify’s own language support system has improved day by day, there still might be concerns and problems about languages with using Shopify since it’s an English-based platform.
We GO RIDE do our business both in Los Angeles and Yokohama, Japan, so that we can seamlessly support you in multiple languages. This strength of GO RIDE’s also enables us to share local information with each location, LA & Japan, in real-time and reflect it to our work and support. We have some cases of Japan-US cross border ecommerce support.
Contact us if you’re considering selling in the US or, of course, in Japan.



Tabio is one of the top socks companies in Japan, making high-quality “Made in Japan” products. GO RIDE created a Tabio USA’s Shopify store and supported Tabio USA for marketing and branding in the US.

Golf Partner

GOLF Partner is a golf gear company based in Japan, especially, selling and buying golf clubs. GO RIDE created a Golf Partner’s Shopify store and also helped GOLF Partner for marketing in the United States.


AIRBUGGY is a pet stroller company founded in Japan in 2002. GO RIDE created a AIRBUGGY’s US Shopify store.

GG Retrofitz

GG Retrofits is a motorbike kit manufacturer based in Southern California, making their own products. GO RIDE created a GG Retrofitz’s Shopify store.

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